Welcome to Celebsline (formerly CelebrityWoods) advertisement page!

Celebsline was founded in 2017 with an intention to provide reliable and accurate information about celebrities, irrespective of their work. The website has since grown to be one of the most popular and trustworthy portals. Advertising is one of the key aspects in marketing strategy. So, we offer a variety of advertising opportunities on our platform.

Display Ads

It is one of the easiest options to promote your brand. The positive aspect of banner ads is its attractive design that will easily get the attention of the readers. Run a media campaign on our site.

Sponsored Posts

If you are an aspiring artist struggling to get maximum exposure, then this is for you. Run a featured post about you on our site so that the audience may get to know more about you and stay connected with you. Fans are always enthused to know a lot of things about their favorite celebrities, but sadly, there isn’t reliable information on most of the celebrities available online. Take this opportunity to reveal about yourself to your fans.

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